Interested in sports? Interested in business? Then YOU should join our student organization at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Learn about exciting careers in the world of sports business. We accept ALL majors.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Sports Business Club is to educate, train and connect its members to the sports industry through hands on experience, lectures and workshops. These goals are met through speaker events with industry professionals, training sessions in professional practices, volunteer opportunities within the community, and collaborative events managed by the club.The Sports Business Club stresses a diversity of events to address the variety of ambitions, passions, experiences and skill levels of its members. Active members encounter professional growth while developing their personal code of ethics, leadership skills, and preparedness for their chosen field.

Meet the 2016-2017 Executive Board


                 President: Luke Regner
                 Class of: 2017
                 Email: lregner@wisc.edu
                 LinkedIn: L. Regner
                 Twitter: @_CoolHandLuke95


               Vice President: Jake Humpal
               Class of: 2017
               Email: jhumpal@wisc.edu
               LinkedIn: J. Humpal
               Twitter: @JakeHumpal

                Treasurer: Zach Epstein
                Class of: 2018
                Email: zepstein@wisc.edu
                LinkedIn: Z. Epstein
                Twitter: @Zachary_Epstein

                 Secretary: Matt Foster
                 Class of: 2017
                 Email: mbfoster@wisc.edu
                 Twitter: @mbfoster14

              Director of Events: Bailey Wanty
              Class of: 2018
              Email: bwanty@wisc.edu
              LinkedIn: B. Wanty
              Twitter: @baileywanty

              Director of Marketing: Quintin Lash
              Class of: 2018
              Email: qlash@wisc.edu
              LinkedIn: Q. Lash
              Twitter: @QuintinLash

              Blog Administrator: David Hayes
              Class of: 2018
              Email: dwhayes@wisc.edu
              LinkedIn: D. Hayes
              Twitter: @David_W_Hayes

Faculty Advisor: Kristina M. Navarro

Twitter: @DrKMNavarro


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