Tuesday, October 11, 2016

ESPN College GameDay Volunteer (Oct. 14-15)

This is a great opportunity to get some real world sports experience and a great resume builder with one of the most successful programs in sports.

If you are interested please email Taryn Rudolph with ESPN 

College GameDay is in need of 10 volunteers on Friday Oct. 11 (7:30 AM-12:30 PM) and Saturday Oct. 12 (4:30 AM-12:30 PM) mornings for on-site set-up and activation. They are aiming to have a 50/50 breakdown between male and female volunteers, and are giving priority to those who can work the entire shift for both days.

Friday’s work will primarily consist of setting up for Saturday. This will include covering TV visible barricades with Home Depot branded covers, building out a photo activation element, setting up the Home Depot VIP hospitality area, setting up the Campus Cornhole event, and other odds and ends. GameDay will also be doing a few activations on Friday after set-up. Saturday will consist of last minute set-up and prep before the broadcast and all on-site activations which include a photo activation, a sign making station, and a hospitality area.

Taryn Rudolph can answer more of your questions and help sign you up. They prefer you be able to work both shifts, but if you are only able to work one you can still reach out to her and see if they can work something out. You will receive 2 points for working this event. 

If you do end up working this event, please email Luke Reger to ensure you get the points.

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