Friday, March 4, 2016

Speaker Spotlight: Jackie Davenport

Jackie Davenport, Director of Community Relations at UW-Madison, came to talk to SBC on Monday and gave us an inside look into her career as well as gave us many pointers for getting into this industry.  As a graduate of UW-Madison, Jackie is very familiar with all things Wisconsin and got her start working with RecSports and becoming acquainted with the women’s hockey team.  From there she became their student manager and got her foot in the door into the sports world and there was no turning back.  When it comes to Jackie’s job, there is no question she is very passionate about it and it’s easy to see why.  A large part of community relations is Badgers Give Back.  This is where you see our athletes doing community service events such as Booking it with Bucky, hospital visits, senior center visits, Flat Bucky, splatter paint at the hospitals, Wish Upon a Badger etc.  The reward and fulfillment she receives from giving children a laugh or giving the families a break is such a joy, any negative part of her job is worth it.

Jackie also talked to us about the student positions that are available in their office.  She has 12 students that work under her and their duties are to create publicity, take pictures at events, coordinate with contact, confirm event details reach out to student athletes on their app, check athlete’s schedules making sure they don’t skip class, write press releases, and transport athletes to events.  Jackie told us what she looks for in her ideal employee and that is:
  •       Forward thinking
  •       Strong communication skills
  •       Outgoing
  •       Can handle relationships with athletes and contacts
  •       Creative to come up with fresh and new PR ideas

Additionally, she told us how to be successful in this industry and ways to get our foot in the door:
  •       Get involved (do you see a theme here?)
  •       Make as many connections as you can
  •       Be the ‘Yes Man’ in any position you might be in
  •     Love your job
Thank you to Jackie for speaking to our club and showing us how amazing our Community Relations department is. 

To learn more: 
Visit their website Badgers Give Back
Follow them on Twitter: @BadgersGiveBack
Follow them on Instagram: @badgersgiveback

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