Friday, February 26, 2016

Speaker Spotlight: Andy Zywicki

SBC was lucky enough to get the Assistant Ticket Director at the UW Athletics Ticket Office, Andy Zywicki, to talk to our club about his journey, work at the ticket office, and tips for students to get into the industry.  Originally from Milwaukee and graduate of UW-Madison Andy calls this his home.  Graduating with a degree in Journalism and PR, he gives a great deal of credit to his education for allowing him to be so successful.  Andy has had multiple jobs in ticket offices across the country: UW, University of Southern Mississippi (where he received his Masters degree), University of Illinois, and a second run at UW.  Here at UW he sells tickets for the men’s hockey team and parking.  Andy shares with us what he did that made him successful in this industry. 

·      Getting his masters has allowed him to have upward mobility
·      Working at a smaller school got employees more exposure and the team has to rely on everyone to get work done. 
·      Journalism and PR education gave him the knowledge to deal with the public and customers

Andy’s work in the ticket office involves building the ticket design for games, being very active during the renewal period for season ticket holders, dealing with pricing, schedule, promotion campaigns, etc. that are happening for the sports (men’s hockey in particular), as well as working with the marketing and development departments.  Andy leaves us with a few tips for SBC to getting into the industry and some keys to success.

·      GET INVOLVED (seems to be a theme with our speakers)
·      Be well rounded—get experience in marketing, sales, communications, etc.
·      Be willing to go places and be mobile. "Go where the jobs are."
·      Don’t be afraid to self-market—send a LinkedIn connection, send an e-mail introducing yourself, DON’T BE SHY.
·      Do the research for jobs, search and search.

If anyone is interested, be sure to check out the Student Job Center to find openings for the Ticket Office!

Lastly, thank you to Andy Zywicki for taking the time to speak to SBC!

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