Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Speaker Spotlight: Kristina Navarro

Kristina Navarro attended UW-Madison from 2002-2003 with an intended major in Management and Human Resources before transferring to UW-La Crosse to get her B.S. in Business Administration, Sport Management. From 2007-2009 she received her M.A. in Sport Administration from UNC-Chapel Hill. Kristina returned to UW-Madison in 2009 to complete her Ph.D. in ELPA-HPCE (Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis - Higher, Postsecondary, and Continuing Education). She was also a NCAA student athlete from 2002-2006.

Kristina talked about a general overview of things in relation to "crafting your career trajectory," as she put it. Dr. Navarro advised students to align their passion with their purpose. She emphasized the importance of the relationships and networks that students need to make while in school. The best way to make these networks, she noted, is to volunteer/engage with the field, and start early by getting involved in anything you can in order to add things to your résumé and "get your foot in the door." Professor Navarro also stressed valuing class relationships, because these classmates could help you in the future.

She also talked about being intentional in your thoughts, energy and actions; have a purpose in what you are doing, and commit to it 100%. Kristina stressed to not settle for the status quo in the industry; be persistent, follow up with things, and show an interest in what others (like guest speakers) have to say.

Kristina offered up the following websites as ways of growing your network:

During the last part of her visit with SBC, Kristina approached the topic of grad school. She posed these questions/thoughts for a student to think about when considering schools:

  • Where can you be personally and professionally happy?
  • What networks do you want to foster? 
  • What is your end goal? (how is this program going to help you reach this goal?)
  • What are realistic schools and dream schools for you?
  • Know what the entrance requirements are, and get used to these requirements involving a personal statement, good grades, and an entrance exam
  • Be as FOCUSED as possible in grad school--study something as specific as possible

For any further information regarding her study abroad trip or any other questions you might have, please feel free to e-mail or tweet Kristina at:

  • kmnavarro@wisc.edu
  • @DrKMNavarro
Special thanks to Kristina for coming to speak with SBC!

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