Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Speaker Spotlight: Cal Ripken Foundation

Recently on Friday, November 7th, the Cal Ripken Foundation, a non-profit sports organization based in Baltimore, Maryland, met with SBC.  26 people work for the foundation in areas such as Program, Development, Youth Development and Finance in all 50 states, as well as Nicaragua (which the foundation recently expanded to). Cal Ripken Jr. and Bill Ripken, former baseball players, founded the organization in honor of their father, Cal Ripken Sr., who passed away in 2001. Their father had a big impact in his community, as well as baseball as a whole.

The Cal Ripken Foundation offers two programs: Healthy Choices, Healthy Children and Badges for Baseball (which is taught by a police officer). The foundation stresses their idea of “Quickball”—no time for bullying, and no one is going to strike out.  The group also has a #uncommon campaign on social media sites—they want to highlight exceptional people, and encourage them to be the person that thinks differently and outside the box.

Two program coordinators from the foundation, Brooke Austin and Rosina Ciattei Koehn, talked a little bit about their careers, and also gave career advice to the SBC members.

Brooke Austin
Brooke, a graduate of St. Mary’s college in Maryland, had a few main points to get across when it
comes to finding a job. First, she highlighted the simplicity, yet importance of writing personal thank you notes—this goes a long way! Brooke also suggested making a pros and cons list about a job(s) you may be interested in. Her third piece of advice was to conduct “belly to belly business”—talking to people face to face instead of over phone or email. Lastly, Brooke emphasized the need to be persistent in one’s endeavors, and know what you want.

Rosina Ciattei Koehn
Rosina, a graduate of Loyola University in Maryland, had her own words of wisdom for the SBC members. She talked about creating short term and long-term goals (both personal and professional). Rosina also brought up the idea that the sky is the limit—that is, don’t let anything stop you from reaching those personal and professional goals.

Collectively, Brooke and Rosina talked about being prepared to face rejection and just keep going. They stressed that one should take advantage of all opportunities. They said grades matter, but experience matters a lot too, and internships are super important in gaining that experience.

They left us with this closing thought: having an impact on someone else’s life other than your own is an awesome feeling.

Thanks to Brooke and Rosina for talking with SBC about the Cal Ripken Foundation!  

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