Thursday, October 16, 2014

Speaker Spotlight: Madison Mallards

Rick Brostowitz and Tyler Isham met with Sports Business Club last Thursday to talk about the Madison Mallards, a local baseball club, and to give their stories and advice about how to break into the sports industry.

Rick Brostowitz is the Season Ticket Sales Manager for the Mallards. In general, he oversees all the ticket sales and helps promote special ticket packages, as well as contact ticket holders to get them to come back to games. Rick is a graduate of UW-Madison, and was actually a member of SBC as well. So far, Rick's professional career has included internships with ESPN Milwaukee, the Lakeshore Chinooks, and now his present position with the Mallards. Rick is known to Mallards fans as "Dancing Rick" due to his dancing antics during ball games. You can watch him perform to "Single Ladies" here.

Tyler Isham is the Assistant General Manager for the Mallards. Tyler is in charge of running corporate services, advertising, marketing, the PR department, and oversees ticket sales as well. Tyler graduated from Beloit College. His professional career so far has included working as a Webcast Intern for the Mallards in the summer of 2011, followed by doing ticket sales for the Mallards, and eventually he moved up to a group sales/manager role. One other aspect of Tyler's job is to find sponsors for the Mallards, call celebrities, find social media promoters, and design bobbleheads and pocket schedules.

Advice from Rick and Tyler:

  • Have intent, work hard, and have a willingness to be there (your job/internship).
  • Everything you do in your career has to have a purpose.
  • When you're in class, in front of speakers, etc., think about how to use those things to better yourself as an individual and have a purpose for doing it.
Mallards Information
The Madison Mallards is a summer collegiate baseball team that plays in the Northwoods League and is composed of college baseball players from schools around the country. During the summer, the Mallards play 72 games in 75 days. Since the players are from different states, they spend their time in Madison living with host families in the area. 
The "Duck Pond"
This is the name of the Mallards stadium. A unique stadium, the Duck Pond offers great seat selection for little cost, making it the #1 spot for corporate/group outings in the city of Madison. There's grass seating, grand stand seating, the Tricor/West Bend Club, and the Duck Blind. The Duck Blind is a social area that, with a ticket to the area, includes all you can eat and drink for the duration of the game. It's very popular amongst the fans (and college kids as you might expect).
The Mallards offer many opportunities for families to come to games for a small price. They offer All-you-can-eat 7-game packs, Ticket and a hat $10 deals, and many more promotions like that. Tyler talked about how the Mallards view themselves as an entertainment company more than a baseball team. The games are very interactive, with fan participatory events occurring almost every inning. One main point that Rick mentioned was that it doesn't matter what age you are, doesn't matter where you sit, any one who comes to these games can have a fun time, and for a cheap price, too. 

Mallards Job Opportunities
  • Hire 27 interns every year.
  • Internships are available in almost every type of field. 
  • Great opportunity to start as a stepping stone for getting into the sports industry
  • Quote from Tyler: "I've never worked harder in an internship, but also never learned so much."
If you have any questions for Rick or Tyler, feel free to contact them!
  • Rick Brostowitz:
  • Tyler Isham: 
Thank you to Ryan and Tyler for taking time out of their schedules to come talk to SBC! 

October 9, 2014: Grainger Hall, UW-Madison

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