Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Job Opportunity: The Sports Quotient

Hi Wisconsin Sports Business Club!

My name is Molly Owens and I am the Head Recruiter and Olympic Insider at the sports quotient ( We are a fast-growing digital- sports media startup that’s providing a platform for young, sports writers to share their insight with like-minded readers and attain the recognition they deserve. We currently have around 100 writers and 30 staff that represent more than 50 Universities across the nation.

I am reaching out to you because our goal is to have writers and beat reporters from coast to coast, striving to provide coverage for every professional & collegiate team. We are also looking to integrate fantasy games, sports quizzes, and numerous other agendas.

Would you be willing to pass this on to the rest of your Club Members? Not only is it a great opportunity for people interested in sports journalism, but a great resume- builder!

The following are available writing and team positions:

Weekly Columnist- Opinionated/ analytical approach on whatever sport you decide to cover

Beat Reporter- Are you a huge fan of a single team? Become SQ’s lead reporter for that team, covering major headlines and breaking news.

Pulse Contributor- Funny vine? Amazing story? Pulsers aggregate the must-see content from around the web and provide light (often comical) commentary.

Sports Statistician- Researching those crazy, unheard of stats on a daily basis.

Other available positions: Editors, Fantasy Sports Gurus, Sports IQ Quiz Creators, Newsletter Developer, Fact Checkers, Radio/Video Broadcasters, Graphic Designers, and team members to run SQ’s Instagram & Snapchat accounts.

If you, or anyone is interested in joining or hearing more about the SQ team, they can contact me at

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