Thursday, April 17, 2014

Speaker Spotlight: PGA, Lauren Ries & Jason Mengel

Wednesday, April 16th. 7pm: Grainger Hall

SBC would like to extend a big THANK YOU to Lauren and Jason for coming to speak to the club!
Lauren Ries: Championship Marketing & Promotions Specialist at 2015 PGA Championship. Lauren had previously had been an intern for the PGA on three separate occasions and was also an Office and Volunteer Coordinator for the 2012 Women's Open. 
Jason Mengel: Championship Director for the 2015 PGA Championship at PGA America. Has had various intern and management positions with different golf tournaments since 1999 including RCA Championships, Buick Open, and PGA Championships. 

-27,000 members in the PGA
-Founded in 1916
-41 sections in the United States
-Own and manage four spectator golf championships which include: Senior PGA  Championship, PGA Championship, Ryder Cup, PGA Grand Slam of Golf
-Growth of the game initiatives (ex: Play Golf America)

The PGA Championship Itself
-      -One of four annually contested Major Championships
-       -Whistling Straits will become just the 7th venue to have played host to 3 or more PGA Championships
-       -PGA Champion receives the Rodman Wanamaker Trophy

This is a BIG event.
-28 hours of live network television all around the world
-Economic impact (100+ million dollars in 2013)
-Over 200,000 golf fans (25-30% come from out of state)
-Approx. 1,000 working press
-156 players
-3,000 volunteers
-10,000 temporary bleacher seats
-4,900 hotel room nights
-500,000,000 worldwide TV reach
-$25,000,000 operational budget
-1 PGA Champion

2 Main Aspects to the Event
-     1.Course Set Up and Playability (hole location, hole distance, mowing patterns, rope and stake location)
    2. Onsite Championship Office- more so the business aspect of the event. Opens +/- 24 months out from Championship, 7-8 full time championship staff by year of event who strategically plan, manage, and execute the business of the Championship; Including 10-12 million corporate hospitality sales, volunteer recruitment and training, ticket sales/marketing/PR, media relations, community outreach, and operational planning (traffic, security, vendor relations, etc.)

Getting Involved

Competitive field – be prepared for 2 things:
-Work hard (but play hard J)
-low initial salary

To be successful:
-Have a goal and determine what you need to do to get there
-Get a mentor… advice and networking is key
-Aggressively seek internships/volunteer opportunities
-Never burn any bridges

PGA Opportunities

-Summer 2014 Marketing intern
-2 additional positions available end of this year, full-time through event.
            -Volunteer Operations Coordinator
            - Office Coordinator

-Operations Assistants (feeder system for Ops staff at all events)
-Hospitality Volunteer program
**February recruiting period

Please reach out to the Exec Board with questions or for PGA contact info.

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