Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Speaker Spotlight: Kash Razzaghi

October 29, 2013, Grainger Hall, UW-Madison

After graduating from Mississippi State, Kash Razzaghi moved to Boston, MA to figure out what came next for himself. After spending several years at a company that provided software for video platforms, Kash left the organization to pursue an entirely new, less conventional career path.

Amidst the transition from college to the real world, Kash, who had always been a sports devotee, missed the sense of community he had with his fellow sports fans at MSU. Sports are the number one type of content shared across all social media platforms, and yet there were no platforms dedicated solely to sports. To fill this void, Fancred Inc. was born.

Sports Business Club had the privilege of video-chatting with Mr. Razzaghi, current CEO of Fancred Inc., the mobile application. In discussing his reasons behind creating the app, Kash talked about the lack of an MSU community in Boston. He argued that “…even the most passionate sports fans…don’t really care whether or not their teams win or lose,” but rather, it’s the community, traditions, and customs that really matter to us as sports fans. Fancred was created as a way to stay connected to the fans, communities, customs he had left behind at MSU.

The Fancred mobile app is a way for users to create or join communities, discover other fans, and share content. The Fancred score is a measurement of how active you are within the app, both in posting and getting responses, as a means of allowing you to build an audience. 

Rather than starting off by building a base of users, Kash and his team began by focusing on building the best app possible in hopes of creating a great experience for his future users. He talked about Fancred essentially having to compete against 2 million other apps - not just other social media platforms. When he finally began working on user-growth, the Fancred team reached out to journalists, both established and up-and-coming, as well as students, alumni, and fans of the Mississippi and Boston areas to garner community members.

Kash said that the content needed to be compelling. It was important to ‘find content producers and match them with people looking for content.’ User-growth is determined by Fancred’s members. ‘The Wisconsin community,” Kash explained, “ is only going to be good if you have a lot of people in it.” After communities began developing, Fancred started seeing a response organizations and universities who wanted to be a part of these virtual fan hubs.

As another marketing tool, Fancred sought out Ambassadors across the country to begin diffusing information and raising awareness of the app. SBC’s very own Dan Kirk is Madison’s ambassador, is currently building our Madison community.

Kash offered insight and advice based on his own experiences not only as a CEO, but also as someone who worked his way through the rankings of his initial position. He told us that ‘if you ever need anything, go to the top. Those are the people who can make decisions.’ You have to ask for help and support in order to obtain it. When discussing the creative process behind Fancred, he explained that our ‘ideas aren't enough.’ An idea is just an idea until you build it and test it to see if it works…’execution is what matters the most.’

See for yourself! Download the app and join our Badger community at http://fancred.com/go/badgers/.

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