Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Speaker Spotlight: Kristina M. Navarro

October 8th, 2013:  Grainger Hall, UW-Madison

     Kristina Navarro attended UW-Madison from 2002-2003 with an intended major in Management and Human Resources before transferring to UW-La Crosse to get her B.S. in Business Administration, Sport Management. From 2007-2009 she received her M.A. in Sport Administration from UNC-Chapel Hill. Kristina returned to UW-Madison in 2009 to complete her Ph.D. in ELPA-HPCE (Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis - Higher, Postsecondary, and Continuing Education). She was also a NCAA student athlete from 2002-2006.

Demonstrating her passion for sports and higher education, Kristina has a wide array of professional experience including:

•       Intern-Office of Student-Athlete Support Services (1 year)
–      UW-Madison mentor, tutor, life skills assistant
–      Intern-Badger State Games/Wisconsin Sports Development Corporation (Summer)
•       Practicum-UW Athletics Strength and Conditioning (Summer)
•       Graduate Assistant (2 years)
–      Carolina Leadership Academy/Student-Athlete Development Internship
–      Co-Director, CREED Peer Mentorship Program
–      SAAC Advisor
•       Interim Athletic Academic Advisor/Career Development Coordinator (3 years)
–      Badger Life Skills Academy
–      Instructor for FYE course
–      Mentor, tutor
•       Research Associate and Teaching Assistant (3 years)
–      UW-Madison ELPA Program
•       Assistant Professor/Graduate Program Director (1 year)
–      University of Oklahoma Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
•       UW System (Present)
–      Develop Athletics Administration Undergraduate and Graduate Programming

            During her talk with Sports Business Club, Kristina shared a few pieces of advice to our members. She spoke about “aligning your PASSION with your PURPOSE” by engaging with the field through opportunities such as volunteering, job shadowing, and internships. If you are overwhelmed with developing a career plan, Kristina suggests reviewing a job posting for your dream job and working backwards to find out where you should start.  As we have heard time and time again, she also stressed the importance of building your network and creating meaningful relationships with those in the sports industry.  As a good way to expand your network, Kristina suggested checking out the following links:

•       NACWAA
•       NACDA
•       NSCA
•       NASSM
•       ACPA
•       AERA

In particular, Freshman might benefit from the two sites below:

(These links will also be listed under the "Sports Business Links" of the blog for future reference)

Finally, in terms of approaching grad school, Kristina suggested asking yourself these questions:
•       Where can you be personally and professionally happy?
•       What networks do you want to foster?
•       What is your end goal?
•       Realistic vs. Dream Schools
•       What are entrance requirements? Do I meet the minimum standard?  What makes me stand out?
•       Personal Statement, Grades, Entrance Exam

Thank you for taking the time to come and speak with SBC, Kristina!!

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