Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Speaker Spotlight: Mitch Rosen

October 15th,  2013: Union South, UW-Madison

Just 20 years ago, Chicago did not have an all sports radio station. That all changed on January 2nd, 1992 when 670 The Score, Chicago's first all sports radio station, was founded. Sports Business Club recently had the honor of hosting the station's current Program Director, Mitch Rosen.

Mr. Rosen graduated from Winona State University. In terms of college experience, he's a true believer that no matter where you get your degree from, its what you make of the school that really counts. In college, Mr. Rosen jumped right in to working at a local radio station. After graduating from college, he worked in radio for a time before taking a detour into the agent business, representing various broadcasters as well as a notable client: former Chicago White Sox Manager, Ozzie Guillen. However, saying he "missed being around breaking news and the day-to-day of running a radio station", Mitch Rosen returned to the radio business, or as he prefers to call it, the "content business", joining 670 The Score in 2005. Mr. Rosen explained, "I'm in the content business, not the radio business. I build and oversee our brand and figure out how we can deliver our content. I essentially program, run, and manage the station, while protecting the brand."   

Mr. Rosen said that what makes The Score successful and unique is its focus, almost exclusively, on Chicago sports teams: "On a Monday morning after a Bears game, win or lose, you want to hear about the Bears. It doesn't mean we won't drift away to discuss national issues but The Score is truly the home for Chicago sports fans." Now people come to The Score instead of picking up a traditional newspaper. He spoke about how the radio business has changed as people no longer call or fax in, but use Twitter, Facebook, texting, etc. to voice their opinions on air.  Longterm, Mitch believes we will see most of sports radio making the move from AM to FM frequencies.  "I've been doing this over 25 years, I still love what I do, and I'm excited about the future", he said. 

When asked what young professionals can do to stand out to future employers Mitch said,"Internships are vital, I hire 60% of our interns." He stressed the importance of proving yourselves through internships and suggested getting to know the company you are interested in very well before going in for an interview, encouraging job seekers to "know the product" and "do your research." "Working in this business is a struggle, it's not easy but if you have a dream, go and find it. To work in this business, you need to have an opinion, you are in the opinion business."

Mr. Rosen offered an interesting perspective on another way to break into the sports industry, suggesting thinking of niche sports, such as marathons, unique races, or competitions. These events are becoming increasingly popular and are year-round endeavors involving event planning, acquiring sponsorships, creating promotional pieces, and more.

"There is no 1+1=2 in this business, there are weird ways to break into the industry... sometimes you'd rather be lucky than good... you just never know."

Get connected and learn more about 670 The Score!

Twitter: @670thescore

Thank you, Mr. Rosen,  for making the trip to speak with our members!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Shooting Down Cancer Event

Hey SBC!

Join UW Men's Basketball Coach Bo Ryan and his wife Kelly as they personally donate money to "Coaches vs. Cancer" based on hoops made by UW-Madison students THIS THURSDAY! 

Last year this event raised over $40,000!

Come to the Kohl Center anytime 3-7 pm on Thursday, October 17th to participate in this awesome event! Enter through Gate A. Admission is FREE. Pizza, beverages, prizes, and more!

Here are 3 ways you can help:

  • Attend = $1 donation per UW student
  • Make a Free Throw = $10 donation
  • Make a Half-Court shot = $1,000 donation + get a $10 gift card from Fresh Madison Market + get a pair of 5 game ticket packages (while supplies last)
Get connected and tweet using #MakeBoPay. Tweet or Facebook SBC a picture of your participation in the event to earn 1 point!

Here about the event from Coach Bo Ryan himself....

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Speaker Spotlight: Kristina M. Navarro

October 8th, 2013:  Grainger Hall, UW-Madison

     Kristina Navarro attended UW-Madison from 2002-2003 with an intended major in Management and Human Resources before transferring to UW-La Crosse to get her B.S. in Business Administration, Sport Management. From 2007-2009 she received her M.A. in Sport Administration from UNC-Chapel Hill. Kristina returned to UW-Madison in 2009 to complete her Ph.D. in ELPA-HPCE (Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis - Higher, Postsecondary, and Continuing Education). She was also a NCAA student athlete from 2002-2006.

Demonstrating her passion for sports and higher education, Kristina has a wide array of professional experience including:

•       Intern-Office of Student-Athlete Support Services (1 year)
–      UW-Madison mentor, tutor, life skills assistant
–      Intern-Badger State Games/Wisconsin Sports Development Corporation (Summer)
•       Practicum-UW Athletics Strength and Conditioning (Summer)
•       Graduate Assistant (2 years)
–      Carolina Leadership Academy/Student-Athlete Development Internship
–      Co-Director, CREED Peer Mentorship Program
–      SAAC Advisor
•       Interim Athletic Academic Advisor/Career Development Coordinator (3 years)
–      Badger Life Skills Academy
–      Instructor for FYE course
–      Mentor, tutor
•       Research Associate and Teaching Assistant (3 years)
–      UW-Madison ELPA Program
•       Assistant Professor/Graduate Program Director (1 year)
–      University of Oklahoma Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
•       UW System (Present)
–      Develop Athletics Administration Undergraduate and Graduate Programming

            During her talk with Sports Business Club, Kristina shared a few pieces of advice to our members. She spoke about “aligning your PASSION with your PURPOSE” by engaging with the field through opportunities such as volunteering, job shadowing, and internships. If you are overwhelmed with developing a career plan, Kristina suggests reviewing a job posting for your dream job and working backwards to find out where you should start.  As we have heard time and time again, she also stressed the importance of building your network and creating meaningful relationships with those in the sports industry.  As a good way to expand your network, Kristina suggested checking out the following links:

•       NACWAA
•       NACDA
•       NSCA
•       NASSM
•       ACPA
•       AERA

In particular, Freshman might benefit from the two sites below:

(These links will also be listed under the "Sports Business Links" of the blog for future reference)

Finally, in terms of approaching grad school, Kristina suggested asking yourself these questions:
•       Where can you be personally and professionally happy?
•       What networks do you want to foster?
•       What is your end goal?
•       Realistic vs. Dream Schools
•       What are entrance requirements? Do I meet the minimum standard?  What makes me stand out?
•       Personal Statement, Grades, Entrance Exam

Thank you for taking the time to come and speak with SBC, Kristina!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Kind of Passion That Leads to a Job In Sports

With Kristi Dosh visiting campus next Saturday for her book signing, check out what she has to say about the kind of passion you need to possess to work in the world of sports.

Kristi will be at the UW-Madison Bookstore on October 12th from 11:00-2pm before the Badgers/Northwestern football game signing copies of her book "Saturday Millionaires: How Winning Football Builds Winning Colleges". Her book explores the following areas:

Myth #1: All Athletic Departments Are Created Equal
Myth #2: Supporting Football Means Degrading Academics
Myth #3: College Football Players Could Be Paid Like Employees
Myth #4: Football Coaches Are Overpaid
Myth #5: A Playoff Will Bring Equality to College Football
Myth #6: Only A Handful of Athletic Departments are Self-Sustaining

You can find more information about Kristi's book, including where you can purchase it, at

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sports.... and coffee?

An interesting partnership between IMG and Keurig is brewing, proving there is really no limit to the realm of sponsorship and marketing in sports.

Read on... 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Click here to read an interesting piece about media and sponsorship support of women's sports.

Thanks to Alex Ball for submitting!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


We are excited to officially announce our new logo!!
Thank you to everyone who voted!

Resume Workshop

SBC Resume Workshop

Event Date: 10/2/13

The Resume
-       A “snapshot” of your relevant skills and experiences
-       20-30 seconds= the average time a recruiter will spend looking at your resume

Formatting Your Resume
-       Typical Section: Heading, Education, Experience, Activities
-       Optional Sections: Technical skills, language skills (fluent), Honors, Global Profile
-       Most recent information should be listed first

Parts of Your Resume

-       Name in larger bold font
-       Address (current), phone number, e-mail address (professional)

-       Consider including: GPA, Dean’s List, Study Abroad, Percentage of college financed (if >75%)
-        High school is removed after first year in college

-       Can include: paid/unpaid work, internships, in-depth class projects, unstructured work
-       All experience is relevant! Focus on skills and accomplishments rather than tasks.
-       Showcase the transferable skills that you can offer
-       Always start your bullet points with an action verb in the correct tense
-       Quantify your experience (example: Distributed mail to 250 residents)

-       Student Organizations
-       Volunteering
-       Tutoring
-       Church/Religious group involvements

General Guidelines
-       One page
-       Be truthful about your experiences
-       Clean and easy to read
-       Avoid templates
-       Any numbers under 10 should be spelled out
-       Use strong action verbs
-       Avoid abbreviations
The Cover Letter
-       Tailored to each position and company—why are YOU what their company needs?
-       Highlights a few key points/experiences
-       Piques reader’s interest
-       Contains an Intro, Body, and Closing

-       Reason for writing
-       How you found out about the position
-       Referral name, if you have one
-       “Thesis statement” of qualifications

Body Paragraphs
-       This is where you really get to introduce yourself—but do not be self centered!
-       University, degree, major and grad date
-       Demonstrate how you are a good fit for their company/position
-       Use job posting to decide on your focus
-       Use keywords or company/industry jargon
-       “these are my skills and this is how they are going to help the company”

-       Why this company?
-       Thank the employer
-       Restate your interests/qualifications
-       Use a professional closing

Electronic Cover Letters
-       be specific in the subject line, DO NOT leave it blank
-       Cover letter can go in the body of an email, attach your resume to the email

Contact Information

Peer Advisors with the School of Business:

Mel Gerrits

Grace Schneck

More Advice:
BBA Advising Center – 3150 Grainger